SteamBot – A Robot Powered by Steam

Steambot is a robot that powered by steam.. no electricity is needed. What you need to make this thing move, to put water inside the robot by taking it’s head off, then slide in a tiny Esbit fire in to it’s belly which warms the water up. When steam is eventually created you spin the red wheel on it’s back which then sets the robot walking.


Watch the Steambot in action in these videos:

The movement for the Steambot is really slow.. but I love to see this type of geeky stuff!


r/c mechagodzilla robot

Check out this Japanese toy: the r/c mechagodzilla robot. Kinda cool..

Nearly 20-inch tall, the mechagodzilla features light up eyes, nostrils and mouth, spinning rocket-launcher fingers and toes with flashing LEDs. Also, it can spin his head in a complete circle as he screeches sound effects digitized from the movie. Watch Mecha in action:

The r/c mechagodzilla robot will cost around $828 USD (¥84,000), and only to be available in Japan.

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World’s Smallest Androids – Tomy Robo-Q

Robo-Q from Tomy which is only 1.3 inches tall is the world’s smallest two-legged bot.

“..the $37 Robo-Q has intelligence that belies its micro-ness, packing the ability to navigate mazes, walk around obstructions, and even kick a tiny ball.”

Look how cute they are..

The Robo-Q will be released in Japan on February next year. How I wish I could get a full collection of them!

[via dvice]