RainbowStar LED Lamps


The RainbowStar LED lamps is designed for those who are afraid of darkness. It’s a minimal, modern lighting fixtures, which can be set to any of 7 different colors. You can toggle between solid colors, or set the light to gradually cycle between hues. With a subtle nightlight built into the base, each light will illuminate only after the other lights in the room go off (when the room is dark enough).

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UFO Night Light

We have seen the Martyr night light which is really cute.. unfortunately it’s just a design concept.. Now here’s another cute night light which has a real product — the UFO Night Light.

Each whimsical UFO night light is handcut from aluminum sheet, grinded, formed, and painted with the addition of colorful plexiglass. Riveted construction.

Available on Etsy for $40.

Martyr Nightlight

This little lamp called Martyr is so cute!

Designed by Play Coalition.