Hacked And Frayed Spy Flash Drive

hacked_flash_driveHere’s just another creatively designed USB flash drive — the Hacked And Frayed Spy Flash Drive. Designed to look like a frayed and torn cable, it will surely have everyone asking you if you lost something, perhaps a printer or an external hard drive.


  • 2GB flash drive cleverly disguised as a frayed and broken USB cable
  • Easily transfer and store files, photos and music
  • USB 2.0 with 1.1 backwards compatibility
  • Mac, Windows and Linux compatible, of course

Available for $29.99 on ThinkGeek.


Beer Filled USB Flash Drive

I have seen many creative flash drive design, but this one with Budweiser beer filled is definitely the most creative out of all.

I suspect this is just an advertisement picture.. but if it really does exist, someone please tell me why on earth would anyone fill a USB flash drive with beer? 😀

[via Gizmodo]