Crown7 Hydro Electric Cigarette

A real creative electric cigarette from Crown7 — Hydro. And you get lots of benefits using an electric cigarette:

  • Use Crown7 Anywhere!
  • Only a Harmless Vapor is Emitted
  • Satisfies the Nicotine Urges & Cravings
  • Our Product is Non-Offensive
  • Rechargeable Battery for Endless Hours of Enjoyment
  • Perfect Solution to Smoking in a Casino or Pool Hall
  • Sophisticated Design, Sleek Art Deco Look & Feel
  • No Residual Clothing or Room Odor…Now that’s a Real Benefit!
  • Battery Operated, Simple to Manipulate in all Situations
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridges

The cigar is tar free, and available in 5 flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, and Cherry. It’s available for order here at $79.95.