Building Block iPod Dock

If you are looking for an iPod dock, forget all those boring iPod docking stations, and check this one out — the Building Block iPod Dock.


“Building block rocking beats! A playful pop-art take on the everyday iPod dock, our Building Block Docking Station produces great sound in a great looking package. Active bass system for rich response from stereo speakers mounted in a colorful retro case. Included adaptors for use with all docking iPods!”

The Building Block iPod Dock is currently available for pre-order $60 at Urban Outfitters.



Do you have an old PC which you have abandoned but still want the data in the SATA HDD on that PC? If you do, this device will come in really handy to you — the SATA HDD Dock. It not only allows you to plug any 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA Hard drive to your computer via USB port, it can also read SD cards, CF cards, XD cards and Memory Stick.