Speak-er: The Speech Bubble Speaker

Speak-er is a high-qualtiy multimedia speaker which designed to look like a speech bubble which you see often in comics. Just plug it directly into your computer or MP3 player, and start enjoying high quality sound from this unique looking speaker.


At a price of $120, you can pre-order the Speak-er by sending an email to speaker@thinkofthe.com.


SteamBot – A Robot Powered by Steam

Steambot is a robot that powered by steam.. no electricity is needed. What you need to make this thing move, to put water inside the robot by taking it’s head off, then slide in a tiny Esbit fire in to it’s belly which warms the water up. When steam is eventually created you spin the red wheel on it’s back which then sets the robot walking.


Watch the Steambot in action in these videos:

The movement for the Steambot is really slow.. but I love to see this type of geeky stuff!

Attack of the Clones Clone Captain Helmet

Are you a Star War fan? If you are, this Star Wars Clone Trooper Captain Helmet should get you excited.


StarWarsShop is pleased to offer their first exclusive 1:1 prop replica from eFX: the red-deco Clone Captain Helmet with slight weathering as it appears in Attack of the Clones!

The eFX Clone Captain helmet has been recreated directly from digital files supplied by the Lucasfilm archives and features –

  • Exclusive red Clone Captain deco with “slight weathering”
  • Worldwide Edition: 400
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • See through visor with mirrored lens
  • Fully Padded interior
  • LED reflector on back of the “Mohawk” that requires two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Numbered Plaque
  • eFX Display Stand
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Available at the official Star Wars Shop for $429.99.

RainbowStar LED Lamps


The RainbowStar LED lamps is designed for those who are afraid of darkness. It’s a minimal, modern lighting fixtures, which can be set to any of 7 different colors. You can toggle between solid colors, or set the light to gradually cycle between hues. With a subtle nightlight built into the base, each light will illuminate only after the other lights in the room go off (when the room is dark enough).

[Product Page]

Old School Styled Internet Phone

This old school styled phone receiver is so cool. Now you can talk to your friend through VoIP just like you are talking through normal phone!


“It’s for you! Listen, VOIP technology is super awesome, letting you use your computer to keep in touch. But let’s face it – talking into a PC mic is pretty cheesy. But we’ve got just the thing: the Internet Phone, an old school styled phone receiver that conveniently plugs into the 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks on your computer. Give us a call! Imported. Wipe clean.”

The Old School Styled Internet Phone is available for $15 at urbanoutfitters.com.

Chocolate Keyboard

A chocolate keyboard designed by Michael Sholk.


What do think? I feel like eating it more than typing on it.


The Amazing Coin Factory Bank


If you are having hard time saving up coins, this cool transparent coin bank machine should help. I mean who would want to throw his coins into this super cool bank machine? Here’s how it works:

  1. Travels up a belt drive mechanism
  2. Drops though a series of slides
  3. Is lifted again up through a spiral chamber
  4. Is dropped into a moving arm & is carried across the bank where…
  5. Another series of slides receives the coin, then…
  6. A second moving arm comes to pick up the coin, drop it into a slot, then on to a track on the outside of the bank then into the bank for safe keeping

The coin factory bank requires 4 pieces of C batteries and is available on Cool Stuff Express for $38.99.

[via Boing Boing]