WowWee Spyball Camera

The WowWee Spyball is a cool little remote controlled robotic ball, which is capable of rolling around and recording action in a full 360 degrees. It can transform from a ball to a camera and back within seconds, and it goes about its job quietly.


The Spyball also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to connect to it via the internet and keep track on your home while you are away. A super cool toy!


Ikimono Keychain Camera

Priced only at $22, the tiny Ikimono plastic camera key chain with a little cartoon animal on the front, is definitely a fun gadget to carry around, especially for kids.


“The IKimono Camera is a super compact simple camera, using 110 film for great looking 3X5″ or 4X6″ prints. Intended for daytime bright light shooting. Styles and colors vary, but don’t worry, we promise to send you an IKimono camera that you’ll love. Imported. Wipe clean.
* 1.75″w, 1.75″h, 1.5″d
* Plastic
* This item is blind-boxed, which means you’ll be totally surprised by what you get! Blind-boxed items come sealed from the manufacturer, without any clue as to which of the series is inside. The surprise stays secret until you open the box, so we can’t choose a specific color or character for you.”

I think this combination of cheap digital camera and keychain  is just one of the perfect Christmas gift idea for kids. Available on