Lego Gadgets


The digital camera and walkie talkie in the picture may look like toys built from some colorful plastic building blocks, but they are real, fully functional gadgets!

Lego and Digital Blue are working together to create these gadgets which looks like  Lego bricks but are actually made from a solid piece of plastic. With prices ranging from $19 to $60, these gadgets are mainly targeted at kids, but I suspect some grown adults (like me) will be interested to get one of these cool gadgets as well.

create some cool Lego styled gadgets. The first mentioned is a Lego Digital Camera that has that Lego brick look but is actually a solid piece of plastic to prevent it falling apart. These Lego gadgets are aimed at kids although I can see myself wanting one or two of these new Lego gadgets. Other Lego gadgets to be built are a PMP and a walkie talkie. Prices will range from $19 to $60 when launched.


WowWee Spyball Camera

The WowWee Spyball is a cool little remote controlled robotic ball, which is capable of rolling around and recording action in a full 360 degrees. It can transform from a ball to a camera and back within seconds, and it goes about its job quietly.


The Spyball also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to connect to it via the internet and keep track on your home while you are away. A super cool toy!

SteamBot – A Robot Powered by Steam

Steambot is a robot that powered by steam.. no electricity is needed. What you need to make this thing move, to put water inside the robot by taking it’s head off, then slide in a tiny Esbit fire in to it’s belly which warms the water up. When steam is eventually created you spin the red wheel on it’s back which then sets the robot walking.


Watch the Steambot in action in these videos:

The movement for the Steambot is really slow.. but I love to see this type of geeky stuff!

Attack of the Clones Clone Captain Helmet

Are you a Star War fan? If you are, this Star Wars Clone Trooper Captain Helmet should get you excited.


StarWarsShop is pleased to offer their first exclusive 1:1 prop replica from eFX: the red-deco Clone Captain Helmet with slight weathering as it appears in Attack of the Clones!

The eFX Clone Captain helmet has been recreated directly from digital files supplied by the Lucasfilm archives and features –

  • Exclusive red Clone Captain deco with “slight weathering”
  • Worldwide Edition: 400
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • See through visor with mirrored lens
  • Fully Padded interior
  • LED reflector on back of the “Mohawk” that requires two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Numbered Plaque
  • eFX Display Stand
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Available at the official Star Wars Shop for $429.99.

Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe


The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe is a really cool toy! It uses voice-recognition technology as the key to open the safe. It identifies the sound waves of your voice and once confirmed it opens the door automatically. When someone try to open it physically, the alarm will be activated.

The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe is available for $24.99.

Roboppi (Robo-P) Mini Helicopter / UFO

Roboppi is a cool little toy from Japan which is a combination helicopter, UFO and hovering light show. It features a pair of soft, brightly colored rotors, and colored LEDs which produce a whirlwind of color while the body of the Roboppi spinning rapidly.

It’s available on Japan Trend Shop for $41.

Japanese Creative Toy: Bandai Tuttuki Bako

Check this out — the Japanese toy that let you stick your finger into a hole of a box and interact with a virtual character in the box.

The Tuttuki Bako is just ¥3610 (appx. $37 USD).