Lego Gadgets


The digital camera and walkie talkie in the picture may look like toys built from some colorful plastic building blocks, but they are real, fully functional gadgets!

Lego and Digital Blue are working together to create these gadgets which looks like  Lego bricks but are actually made from a solid piece of plastic. With prices ranging from $19 to $60, these gadgets are mainly targeted at kids, but I suspect some grown adults (like me) will be interested to get one of these cool gadgets as well.

create some cool Lego styled gadgets. The first mentioned is a Lego Digital Camera that has that Lego brick look but is actually a solid piece of plastic to prevent it falling apart. These Lego gadgets are aimed at kids although I can see myself wanting one or two of these new Lego gadgets. Other Lego gadgets to be built are a PMP and a walkie talkie. Prices will range from $19 to $60 when launched.


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