Old School Styled Internet Phone

This old school styled phone receiver is so cool. Now you can talk to your friend through VoIP just like you are talking through normal phone!


“It’s for you! Listen, VOIP technology is super awesome, letting you use your computer to keep in touch. But let’s face it – talking into a PC mic is pretty cheesy. But we’ve got just the thing: the Internet Phone, an old school styled phone receiver that conveniently plugs into the 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks on your computer. Give us a call! Imported. Wipe clean.”

The Old School Styled Internet Phone is available for $15 at urbanoutfitters.com.


Twin Bat Throwing Knife Set

You too can be a Dark Knight with the Twin Bat Throwing Knife Set.


Made of solid 440 stainless steel, the Twin Bat Throwing Knife Set are fully functional throwing knifes with 2 throwers and nylon case with belt loop included. (Be sure to keep this away from children if you buy one)

Chocolate Keyboard

A chocolate keyboard designed by Michael Sholk.


What do think? I feel like eating it more than typing on it.


Ikimono Keychain Camera

Priced only at $22, the tiny Ikimono plastic camera key chain with a little cartoon animal on the front, is definitely a fun gadget to carry around, especially for kids.


“The IKimono Camera is a super compact simple camera, using 110 film for great looking 3X5″ or 4X6″ prints. Intended for daytime bright light shooting. Styles and colors vary, but don’t worry, we promise to send you an IKimono camera that you’ll love. Imported. Wipe clean.
* 1.75″w, 1.75″h, 1.5″d
* Plastic
* This item is blind-boxed, which means you’ll be totally surprised by what you get! Blind-boxed items come sealed from the manufacturer, without any clue as to which of the series is inside. The surprise stays secret until you open the box, so we can’t choose a specific color or character for you.”

I think this combination of cheap digital camera and keychain  is just one of the perfect Christmas gift idea for kids. Available on urbanoutfitters.com.

Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe


The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe is a really cool toy! It uses voice-recognition technology as the key to open the safe. It identifies the sound waves of your voice and once confirmed it opens the door automatically. When someone try to open it physically, the alarm will be activated.

The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe is available for $24.99.

Esc Key Alarm Clock

Designed to look like a huge Esc button on the keyboard, I really love the geeky look of it! When you want to snooze the alarm and get a little more sleep, just hit it with your fist.


Well, it’s just a concept for the moment. How disappointing.

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Xpod the Tiny Speaker


Xpod Active Sound speaker is what you need when you want to chare your music with your friends when you are out and about. It measures only 3.07″ wide x 1.34″ high x 0.33″ thick (78mm x 34mm x 8.4mm), and so is highly portable which you can carry it anywhere with your iPod. The bad news is, this handy little speaker is available only in Korea currently. Hopefully it will reach other countries in future.