USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker

The USB 3 in 1 multiFunctional speaker has 3 functions: a speaker, a 4-port USB hub and a digital alarm clock with 12 or 24 hour mode.


  • Luminous Clock
  • Loudspeaker
  • 4-port USB Hub
  • Alarm Clock Mode
  • 12/24 Hour Display
  • Blue Color Back Light
  • Speaker On/Off Switch and Volume Control
  • Build-in Audio Jack to connect to PC, MP3/MP4, iPod/iPhone or other audio device with 3.5mm audio jack
  • Using 4 x AAA Batteries

The MultiFunctional speaker is available at GizFever for $17.99. I am digging the trekkie look of this speaker.. certainly a cool gadget to be placed on the desk!


Roboppi (Robo-P) Mini Helicopter / UFO

Roboppi is a cool little toy from Japan which is a combination helicopter, UFO and hovering light show. It features a pair of soft, brightly colored rotors, and colored LEDs which produce a whirlwind of color while the body of the Roboppi spinning rapidly.

It’s available on Japan Trend Shop for $41.

Luxe Bluetooth MP3 Player by Philips

Check out this gorgeous MP3 player from Philips

The new Luxe MP3 player features Bluetooth 2.1 functionality that allows you to pair the audio device with a cell phone. It also comes with a built-in FM radio and 2GB storage space.

[via Cnet Asia]

Japanese Creative Toy: Bandai Tuttuki Bako

Check this out — the Japanese toy that let you stick your finger into a hole of a box and interact with a virtual character in the box.

The Tuttuki Bako is just ¥3610 (appx. $37 USD).

Mouse With LED Messages

Feel bored with usual computer peripherals? Check this out, a mouse with fan and LED messages.

This is a USB Mouse with built-in fan to help to release heat when you are using the mouse. With the innovative design, you can create your own message by the remote control and store it on the LED scrolling board inside the mouse and it will display it when the fan is switched on. It is fashionable and useful. Here comes with green and red.

The USB Air Flow Mouse With Scrolling LED Message is available at Gadget4all at $35

Martyr Nightlight

This little lamp called Martyr is so cute!

Designed by Play Coalition.

r/c mechagodzilla robot

Check out this Japanese toy: the r/c mechagodzilla robot. Kinda cool..

Nearly 20-inch tall, the mechagodzilla features light up eyes, nostrils and mouth, spinning rocket-launcher fingers and toes with flashing LEDs. Also, it can spin his head in a complete circle as he screeches sound effects digitized from the movie. Watch Mecha in action:

The r/c mechagodzilla robot will cost around $828 USD (¥84,000), and only to be available in Japan.

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